Victory Montessori & Childcare Programs

Infant Program
Infant We offer full time care starting at six weeks for infants in our center. Our infant staff provides a nurturing environment to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual development of the children. When the child is one year old and walking, eating table food and showing signs of toddler behavior they will be transitioned to the Toddler 1 room.

Toddler Program
Toddler We offer full time care in four toddler rooms which are separated by age groups. The toddler curriculum consists of age appropriate child development activities in the areas of sensory, fine motor and gross motor. Because the children are approaching a stage of autonomy, many activities are planned to enhance individuality and independence. Much care, consideration and concern is given to the children during this developmental stage. Our one year old rooms serve children 12 months and walking to 24 months. Our two year old rooms offer care for children 24 months to 36 months. As children progress through the classrooms, activities become more challenging.

Our 2 year old rooms are where children will begin potty training here at school. Also these classrooms are designed to transition our toddlers into a Montessori atmosphere. Montessori concepts are introduced and the children in this class begin to choose their own activities. The children are learning to sit in a group and not become distracted. They will participate in learning colors, shapes and returning work to its proper place. Practical life and other fine motor skills will be introduced (spooning & pouring). This is a great introduction to our Montessori program and allows your child to be prepared for their next stage of development.

Montessori Program
Montessori The Montessori Curriculum
The Montessori curriculum was first designed by Maria Montessori in Italy. She believed materials should be self-correcting, didactic, sensorial, and conceptual.

Some of the materials would include:
Nesting or stacking cups, rings, or blocks (self-correcting)
Rough and smooth boards and fabrics (didactic and sensorial)
Sound or scent bottles (sensorial)
Sandpaper letters and numbers (sensorial and conceptual)

Our Montessori Classroom
Our Montessori classroom is a small multiage classroom for up to 25 children. The age range is from three years to six years old. In the classroom environment we begin to teach children respect for themselves, others, and their environment. The classroom's objective is to allow the children to grow into bright, creative children.

The Morning
Our morning starts with the children in "group time". During this time we sing songs, listen to music, and read stories. Also during this time the current subjects of study are discussed and new activities are presented.

Work Period
During the work period the children are free to choose a wide variety of activities. These include practical life, art, math, reading, science, music, geography, sensorial, and manipulatives.

After lunch the five-year-olds gather for the Montessori extended day program. They work on more advanced activities until the day ends at 3:30 p.m. This time includes more advanced writing skills, detailed unit studies, advanced math, and advanced reading skills.